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Our goal is to help you to record the music of your dreams! With studios located on the historic "Music Row" in Nashville, TN and Nashville's very best musicians and engineers we can deliver the sound of the stars!

Our music production team has been making Christian music hits for more than two decades! We strive to interpret the artist's songs as well as bring out the very best the artist has to offer.

This is our mission!

NewStep Records has been around for over 15 years producing a string of #1 hits in the Christian music markets! We offer not only an exceptional recording experience but personal service and trust.


NewStep records offers the luxury of recording in Nashville's most prestigious studios. It is now possible for you to record your music where many other stars have recorded their biggest hits! Enjoy "state of the art" consoles and software, a huge compliment of premium michrophones and outboard gear as well as a comfortable, warm enviroment created to enable you to relax and create the music of your dreams.


At the age of 12 years old our founder discovered the world of recording music. In a small recording studio in Madisonville, KY he recorded his first album with his family group.  The recorder was an AMPEX 4 track that used 2 inch audio tape. Now days the tracks are unlimited as the recording platforms have evolved into the digital age! NewStep Records has continued this love affair with recording into the present day. Our passion is to make really great records for really great artists! We want to take our artists into the studio and not just record their songs, but to help them interpret thier songs in a way that not only delivers the spirit of the music but the passion behind it as well. 

Our intention is to strive to deliver outstanding recordings using experienced producers along with the very best studio musicians, engineers and studios to create masterpieces. We want to bring out of the performer all the hidden potential they may have never thought possible and help them  reach new heights of performance. Over the past several years we have hired some really exceptional musicians to play on our artists recordings.  Names like Mike Johnson, Buddy Hyatt, Brent Mason and many others come together

with our producers to bring to life dreams that had previously

exsisted in the mind of the artist!

Our goal is to help you bring those dreams to life!


Chuck Day

Chuck Day has recorded for NewStep Records for more than a decade now. He is an internationaly know singer and songwriter who has enjoyed over fifteen #1 songs! Chuck co-authored the gospel classic "Midnight Cry" with his brother Greg and has written songs for many artists in various genres. His smooth country stylings and powerful lyrics are enjoyed by his fans all over the world!

P.O. Box 602

Hoschton, GA 30548

Tel: 1-706-870-3692

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